Sunday, October 18, 2009

Holiday Mini Canvases!

Here are some mini Christmas canvases that I recently painted. These were not a custom order, so they're currently for sale (meaning no wait time!). These are flat 5x7 canvases. They would look cute in a small easel, hung by a ribbon hanger (which I can add) or framed, like I show you below. These are perfect and easy for the holidays because once the season is over, you can just put your regular year-round pictures back in their frames!

Here are how they look framed (this is for example purposes only). If words are cut off, using a less "chunky" frame should solve the problem.

Mini 5x7's are $10, and I will start offering these for letter initials, short verses, and names as well. Examples will come soon!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Do you still have the christmas tree one? If not, I'd like to commission one, but there is no hurry; I know you're super busy right now. It was $15, right?

  2. Ashley, I don't know if my last comment sent. Anyway, do you still have the christmas tree canvas? If so I want it! $15, right (I think we can forgo the shipping? haha!)?