Friday, April 3, 2009

Framed Flat Canvases

This is another 8x10 flat canvas that I framed for example purposes. The price without a frame is $15, and if you'd like to purchase this example framed canvas, the price is $30.


  1. Hey Ashley, I have tried to leave messages on here and have not been able to. I am sure its the PIC! ........... (person in chair)
    I want one! Well, actually, I want 2.
    Don't put anything else on here because I already can't decide. I want one to hang in my office and I want one for my mom. Now I need to decide, frame or no frame....grrrr. I need to think about the scripture I want. This is a hard decision. I absolutely LOVE these. I can't think of anything I would rather have on my wall than a verse that has changed my life.:-)

  2. I love these! I found you from the Kelly's Korner blog. I'm following you now because I'm having a baby in November and might just want to order a sign from you for the nursery when we find out what we're having!