Sunday, April 5, 2009


I have added a general price list on the side of this page! I have been adjusting some prices based on materials, etc. If I have talked to you and quoted a lesser price, I will still honor that. But these will be the prices for any new orders. Also, one small change: I will not be selling any framed canvases. I will sell flat canvases so that you can choose the frame that you like best and matches your home. Wrapped canvases hang well by themselves and don't need a frame! I'll be adding magazine collage frames and new pictures will be coming soon! Thanks!

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  1. everything looks SOOOOO great ashley! i'm so proud of you for taking this on! i know you will be very blessed in return. i'm going to add your business to my blog, too! thanks for mentioning me. call when you get back so i can bring your frame over and see evy!