Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ashley's Artistry Disclaimer & Policies

Hi, everyone!

Just to cover my bases, I want to go ahead and put up a disclaimer for my artwork, as well as ordering policies. I have not had any problems with selling my art, so I think this is a great time to cover these things. It's NOT the result of any issues. No biggie, I just want to have them written down.

Ashley's Artistry Disclaimer

-Color matching is not guaranteed. Please know that I will do my absolute best to clarify with you what color scheme you'd like, and emailing me pictures of bedding, rooms, etc. is a great help. If you're especially concerned about a piece matching, please mail me a swatch of paint and/or bedding fabric. However, I still can't guarantee a perfect color match---but I'll get super close! :o)

-Due to the nature of artwork, I can't guarantee that one piece of art will exactly match another. For example, if you see a piece of work on this website, my Etsy shop, or a Facebook album and want to order one just like it, it will vary slightly. That's the beauty of painting; it's a free-flowing thing and you don't get the same results twice. Again, know that I will do my very best to re-create something you've seen!

-Speaking of art being free-flowing, sometimes handwriting and/or other shapes I paint might look "crooked" or not ruler-straight. I tend to have a whimsical, "quick" style, and unless you specify that you'd like a certain type of font (by looking at my previous work or sending me an example), I'm going to assume that my style of handwriting/painting works for you. It's always my goal for a piece to look symmetrical, straight, and spaced correctly, but my style of art is not necessarily measured down to the tiniest half inch :o)

***I understand that I do not have the copyright on canvas painting. Many people paint and sell their work. However, I do want to claim copyright on my designs. Please do not copy any of my designs or the nature of the design and then sell them. I come up with original pieces and have never copied another artists' work, and I ask that you do the same. It's hurtful and disrespectful to me as a creative person to claim an idea or design as your own.

Please feel free to show my work on your blog, etc. but I ask that you give me credit and also link back to this website.***

Ashley's Artistry Policies

-I take orders by email, and you can contact me at There's a reason for this! I want to have a written record of everything we've discussed, and it's great for me to look back and refer to our emails when I'm painting.

-My turn-around time for ordering will vary. I'm a stay-at-home mom, and my husband and little girl are my first priorities. However, the trend has been that unless I'm out of town or sick, an order usually takes 1-2 weeks, start-to-finish. Again, that is NOT a guarantee, but it's been the usual timetable.

-When you contact me, tell me what size you're thinking, what designs of mine you like, what your color scheme is, etc. Any information you can give me is helpful! Where it will hang, what the wall color is, what colors you hate, etc. You are more than welcome to send me anything you think will help me make a great canvas for you. However, as I state in my disclaimer, color matching is not guaranteed.

-If I need to consult you during the painting process, I will email you a picture and we'll discuss the direction we need to go from there.

-Due to the custom nature of my artwork, no returns, exchanges or refunds. I'm sorry!

-You may pay either when you order or when I ship. Paypal is preferred, but let me know if you need to pay with a check.

Thank you so much for your business! It's a blessing to serve you!

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